Getting Started

Air Liberia - Getting Started.

  1.  First you will need to have an account to fly with us. Click here to register, in the Comment BOX, enter your " XLM: ID , XLM: MEMO " when you are done please come back here to continue. 
  2.  Login and click here to got to your Pilot Operation center. 
    In the operation Center you will find all the necessary options for you. you can click the links to see what are available. when done move to 3
  3. Before you fly you need to download the Tracking application, SimCARS. Click here to goto download section . Download SimCARS for setup go to Tracker setup section below. 
  4. Extra paid assignments are published in NOTAM. you can find the NOTAM in the middle of the main page or at the top. 
    First to book earns the XLM. Exclusive and Charter flights are sent to internal mail, be show to check when you get a popup. Click here to got to your internal mail box.
    To get paid for Paid assignments go to Get paid Section below. 



Operation center

To get to the operation center, look at the main menu up top, click [ SYSTEM ] . You must be logged in the access this page. 
In the operation center you will find your profile, Stats, Rank, Awards, and Certifications. 

You must be certified to book a TYPE before you can use it.  To gain certs, send an Internal mail to HR or  requesting the TYPE code. 


SimCARS Setup: 

Flight Tracking

  1. Open SimCARS application
  2. Click over to Virtual Airline settings.
  3. AIRLINE = Air Liberia Virtual
  4. ICAO - LIB
  5. URL =
  6. Weight = LIB or KG
  7. Call Sign = LIB and your number. example LIB02
  8. Password = use your password your setup.



Booking a Flight:

  1. Head over to your Operation Center.
  2. Click [ Pilot Action ]
  3. Click [ Book Routes ] Routes available are shown from your current location only. 
  4. Click the mark at the end of the route. [ Information ] 
    you will be taken to the flight information where you can select the TYPE to use. 
  5. Click the Type you would like to use. Click the Check mark 
    If a Fleet is taken to an ICAO it remains there until it is returned to its hub. If you wish not to return the LEG you may buy a JUMP SEAT to a new location. CHECK fleet page to see if an aircraft is present at your new location before Jumping there.  If No aircraft is present you may send and Internal Mail to LIB01 to request the Type.



We spend a lot of time as simmers so we decided to add more spice to the time spent on our VA. We pay pilots in XLM for all flights and paid assignments. Payout goes out at min 10XLM to minimize the fees. However payout is held until a pilot request a payout.  If you did not receive your XLM , contact  HR send your call sign to HR in the internal mail or with your request. 

To start collecting real $ follow the steps below to setup your wallet and get your payment ID. 

All flights on the VA are pay flights, however there are  random rewards deposited for time spent flying online. The system rewards you when it checks your VATSIM ID for LIB call sign. 

Now let's get setup for payments. 


  • In the comment box enter your XLM ID and MEMO
  • If you can't edit those peremiter any longer send an internal mail to HR with your XLM ID and MEMO
  1. You can generate your XLM ID and memo from any wallet that supports XLM if you already have one or continue to #2
  2. Head over to Free Wallet and create your account.  
    • Click Dashboard
    • Click receive
    • scroll down and select Steller 
      the end result show look like the image below. Copy your XLM ID and MEMO and send them to LIB01 in the internal mail. 
  3. If you a Pilot and want to do a " Charter Flight  " in order to get paid for it please use the Charter flight Number 
    1. 1000 for 0 to 3 Hours
    2. 1050 for 4 to 6 Hours
    3. 1080 for 8 to 10 Hours 
      Charter Flight





As we keep adding new TYPEs, you can downlaod any ofthe liveries provided below.

  1. Boeing 733 - in the works
  2. Boeing 738 
  3. Boeing 739
  4. Boeing 773
  5. Boeing 744
  6. Boeing 788 / 789
  7. Airbus A320
  8. Airbus A321 / A321 Plu-1


    GLRB P3D 

    having elevation problem download this mesh file and add it to your addons.