So now you are here let's go over some of the common rules.

1. All flights are required to be on VATSIM and flying with your LIB Call sign, why? Flight status are pulled from Vatsim. 

2. All SimCars Rules apply

3. All materials acquire from the VA site are only intended for  Air Liberia  Virtual. Use of materials outside the VA is a permanent ban. ( Charts, Navigraph, Addons, etc )

Flight Rules : 
Crash : -500  > , Beacon Off  0 , Over speed - 0 , Lights Below 10000 Ft - 0, Stall - 0

Paid Flights
Paid assignments must be completed in the time specified in the NOTAM.
XLM ID and Memo must be stored/ sent before you are allowed to take a paid assignment. 


  • In the comment box enter your XLM ID and MEMO
  • If you can't edit those values any longer, send a internal mail to with your XLM ID and MEMO

In the case your experienced a FRAUD ALERT please follow the Procedures below.

1. Flight must be done on VATSIM or IVAO 
2. Call-sign to be used LIBFRAUD - Return flight without the call sign will lead to a Permanent BAN
3. If on IVAO a tracker .IVAO link and a screenshot on completion muse be sent to 
4. Await Justice period to be lifted to resume flights