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CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalFlight stageAircraft type% CompletedPending NM


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
LIB01Eldred Kyne  DGAA  GLRB 2019-10-13 1.59
LIB01Eldred Kyne  GLRB  DGAA 2019-10-11 1.56
LIB01Eldred Kyne  DGAA  GLRB 2019-10-10 1.77
LIB01Eldred Kyne  GUCY  GLRB 2019-10-10 0.83
LIB01Eldred Kyne  GLRB  GUCY 2019-10-10 0.95


Pilots 1
Aircraft in fleet 13
Routes 36
Total hours: 1012.89
Flights total 7
Flights Regular 7
Flights Charter 0
% Flights Regular 100.00 %


LIB01-Eldred Kyne2015-02-14






Speaker 4

Jack Christiansen

Debitis iure vero

Speaker 5

Alejandrin Littel

Qui molestiae natus

Speaker 6

Willow Trantow

Non autem dicta

Here is our event schedule

Cities Visited

Eventa,Cities and airports we have flown to.

Downtown Conference Center, New York

Accra, Lagos, Capetown, Monrovia, Oslo and many more.

Fly with us, earn and book a 5star hotel while you wait for your next flight.

Hotel 1

Hotel 1

0.4 Mile from the Venue

Hotel 2

Hotel 2

0.5 Mile from the Venue

Hotel 3

Hotel 3

0.6 Mile from the Venue


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