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Getting started guide SOPs and downlaods.


-Tracking your flight-

Download the Tracker / logger.
Glad you have made it this far. For our VA we will be using APCars.

Step 1 - Click here to download the latest tracker. AirLiberiaVA_Tracker.exe

Steps 2 - Go to your profile copy your API key
Step 3 - Click Virtual Airline
Step 4 - Click manage VA and Delete the first Entry or replace it.
Step 5 - Click edit
Step 6 - Va name = Air Liveria - URL =
Step 7 - Enter your " API KEY "
Step 8 - Click save , done!

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Taking a flight.

Way to go! So by now you have downloaded your copy of the APCars and ready to take your first flight.

1. Go to flights

2. Select a route available to you. Note only flights visible to you are flights from your current location or last arrival from your submitted PIREP.

2. Pick a flight and click Bid. By going to BIDS you will find flights you bid on. Once a bid is made you must fly no cancellation accept extreme cases.

3. Fire up your sim, open the tracker, "APCars" click connect at the top. When you are connect your bids will show up automatically.

4. Click the last tab, double click the Bid, when open enter your Flight Level and hit start.

Flight details can be found by clicking the flight number " Ex LIB115 " on livemaps.

Submitting PIREP

BEFORE or AFTER your flight go to your Pirep I will recommend you do this right after you start your flight.

Take a look at the right side of the page. You should see your passengers fields, enter the number of PAX your carried, Economy , Business, First class or coach. Fail to do so will result in negative $FUNDS and a REJECTED PIREP!

When done, hit SUBMIT. After submission you cannot make changes.

Arrival Location will not update until the PIREP is reviewed and accepted for new pilots.

Accepted -fpm for landing is -30 < > -400 -401 is rejection and maintenance cost will $ be deducted for hard landing or floating.


Looking good is our thing.
We have a liveries for our most used TYPES and more to come upon request Downlaod your favorite type by click the TYPE below.
When extracted, follow instructions .cfg file to add the livery.
Having issues, send an email to

Aerosoft Airbus -A321


Download GLRB Charts and other frequent destinations.

Click here to get charts
will be adding Sceneries soon.

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